Mixing painted furniture with un-painted furniture. Show me some wood!

Some people love it, some people despise it, and some people, like me, like both. 

I guess when I started painting furniture, I wanted to transform EVERYTHING by painting it. But now…I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I love mixing old with new, painted with unpainted, and having a variety of textures. 

I love wood. When I was a child my Paw Paw, whom I was extremely close to, let me whittle wood. He would explain the different kinds of wood and how each had its own characteristics. I would carefully start peeling off the bark with a dull Old Timer (awe, the good ol’ days) transforming a regular stick into a smooth little work of art. I sure wish we had taken pictures of all the sticks I spent hours whittling away. 

Painted furniture is awesome. It takes an outdated piece that has little to no value and turns it into a highly desirable piece. When I was decorating my home, I painted a few pieces but my husband put his foot down and said “is everything going to be painted in this house eventually”. That made me stop and realize that he’s right…I can’t paint everything. That’s when I decided to listen to his cry for help and give him a little wood! 


We found these beautiful nightstands on craigslist  at the same time that I was having an ALL WOOD headboard built and they matched perfectly. I love the wood on the headboard…even though it’s probably just pallet wood. We sold that house, but this is the only picture I could find of the bedroom. Excuse the ugly comforter. 

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Chevron headboard, charcoal walls, paisley comforter



Our tiny little dining room consisted of a beautiful mid century china cabinet and a table that I refinished the top and painted the base and chairs Chocolate Froth by Sherwin Williams. I always wanted to change out the light fixture but never found one that I could afford that spoke to me. 

Mid Century Dining Room, Nautical, Sailboat painting, painted table and chairs



Here’s an example of mixing painted and unpainted. This piece…we’ve all seen them, is one of those 1980’s king size headboards with the little cubby in the back with sliding doors. It was that ugly orangish wood. I took some Java gel stain by General Finishes and darkened the wood without stripping and painted the drawer and door faces lamp black milk paint by General Finishes (God, I love this stuff). I think it turned out pretty good. Not really my style but a lot better than before.

old school bedroom furniture, king oak headboard painted



Here’s an example of mixing textures and such. You’ve got the beautiful wood floor that coordinates with the wood table top. Painted chairs with upholstered seats and a focal piece in the back that’s painted Patina Green. Then to top it off…the glass light fixtures give it a bit of elegance. This style works!

Patina Green French Chic dining room



Look at this eclectic room. (I think Eclectic is my middle name). You’ve got a concrete table top with rustic wood legs, mixed up with industrial vintage metal chairs that my grandmother would role over in her grave if she saw them in my house, and a beautiful island painted Emerald green with a concrete top. The floors appear to be painted concrete. The various foliage throughout, softens the environment and makes the house more homey. 



So…try it. Mix those styles, those textures, and create a home you love. The magic thing about a home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back to. 

Thanks for being Flamazing!