It's time to clean out that Garage!

When it was time to do spring cleaning, as a child, I was expected to help. I would take everything out of my room...pile it in the hallway, and slowly put stuff back where it belongs. It would my mother crazy (she's also a organizational freak...thanks Mom) but that's just how I did things. Today...I drive my husband crazy. I do the SAME EXACT THING! I just can't help's what I do. It helps clear my head and I can take a mental picture of what I have, what I can get rid of, and so on. 

So no matter what you do...organization can be extremely therapeutic for some while for others it's not necessary. If the garage is the first "room" you see before entering your house, it shouldn't be a mess. Or...if you haven't been able to park in it for a long time, then maybe you should change that by cleaning out the clutter. So call little bobby and Aunt Margaret and ask them to come get their stuff out of your garage or it's heading to the dumpster (or the Finicky Flamingo if it's worth something)

I might add that this post MIGHT have some affiliate links which basically means that if you click on one of the links and either buy that product or ANY PRODUCT, for that matter, I will get a TINY bit of MOOLAH. :-) 

 For years I didn't have a garage. When we bought our previous house, it HAD A GARAGE!!! Very exciting for me!  First thing we did is we painted the floor. This made things so much cleaner and easier to organize. I hate filth and don't like working in it. If you are wanting to clean out your garage you probably won't be able to paint your floors unless you remove everything or at least half of it so you can paint one side and then move everything over and paint the other side. It's hard work but it's sooooo rewarding. 

Next I bought these awesome hook thingies for my yard tools. This was quite convenient because my husbands idea was storing them in a barrel. Not a good idea. 

Also these little strappy thingies....OMG...I love these things. These are so awesome for hanging up Rope. We have a thing for rope (don't ask because I seriously don't know why). 


Next...we needed a tool box but really didn't have the money to buy another huge one like we had at the store so we settled for a metal pegboard kit. Easy peasy fresh and breezy.

Next...I had a vision that since we finally lived in a neighborhood that we would bike ride in the evening and therefor we needed a place for our bikes. least it was a good idea. Anyway...Dean installed this really nice bike hoist that kept my bike out of the way. 

We had a ton of Christmas, Easter, and Fall decorations so we needed a place to store those. I was wanting the same size plastic, see-thru, totes so I could kind of see what's in them. We did a lot of shopping around and came up with this totally awesome HEAVY DUTY ceiling mount rack to store just about everything we needed to. 

Now....I know what you are saying; all this stuff costs money! But it doesn't have to. There are several ways that you can use what you have or take the stuff that's worth value and have a garage sale and use that money to pay for stuff that you really need. One inexpensive  thing that I come across ALL THE TIME are old entertainment centers. OMG....there are so many ways to repurpose these ugly, useless things. This adorable potting shed was once an unsightly entertainment center. 

Can't stand the idea of cleaning out that garage? Well....We can help. Our family of organizational freaks can offer you that service. We can organize a garage sale, haul stuff to the dump and/or charity, and make that garage sparkle again! Let us know how we can help. 


Thanks for being Flamazing!