Time to paint that front door

According to feng shui, a front door is vitally important. A welcoming and attractive front door with the appropriate feng shui color will ease the flow of energy, people, money and opportunities into your life. This is because the front door is considered to be the "mouth of chi";  where vital energy enters and exits your home. So if your front door has a lackluster appearance, you might be inviting a negative energy into your home. 


Now no one wants negative chi! 


So...lets start by standing 5-8 feet away from your front door. Now take a picture of what's in front of you.   Is it dirty, full of cobwebs, dusty, poorly lit? What does your floor mat look like? Is your light fixture full of dead bugs...does it even work? What does your door knob look like...does it function properly? How about your door knocker or door bell? 


If you want to increase the value of your home, start with the front door.  Aside from sprucing up the landscaping, trimming trees and shrubs, and making sure the roof and exterior paint are in good condition, analyze your front door. It gives a clear message to the outside world of who you are and what you stand for. The design, state of repair and the color are vitally important.


Make sure that your front door opens easily and fully.Whether you are trying to sell your home or if you are like me and only want a beautiful door to enter after a long day at work, having a door that operates as it should is a must. Cleaning up or replacing your front door will make your house look like it's in better condition; creating a more prosperous image for you and your home. 

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Lighting is EXTREMELY important folks! And honestly...you don't have to spend a fortune on designer fixtures. See Amazon for a billion choices. And it's super easy too. See this tutorial to see what I mean. 



For ultimate Feng Shui, a north facing door should be painted blackblue or white


An east facing door should be painted greenblue, or turquiose

A south facing door should be painted redpink, or purple

A west facing door should be painted yellowwhite, or gray, 


When it comes right down to it, a house is only as good as its front door. 

You can actually change the color of your door in an afternoon for around $30. I happen to like the Modern Masters line of front door paint. 


Before you begin updating your front door, you will need to thoroughly clean it. If it's metal, just get a sponge with a little soapy water and get all the debris off. Rinse with fresh water and let dry naturally. Either remove door handle or tape it off. If you remove the hardware...you might as well give it a fresh coat of paint if needed. 

If your door is wood...and in good shape, a simple wipe down using mineral spirits or denatured alcohol will do the trick. If you decide to strip the finish off the door, you will need to prime it  first before painting. 


If you want a completely professional look, the best thing would be to remove the door, remove the hardware, and spray it. There will be no brush marks. If you don't have access to a sprayer , painting the door the old fashioned way with a quality paintbrush will have to do.

The first coat should always be a very light coat whether you are spraying or brushing. The 2nd coat should be a little heavier and the 3rd, the heaviest of all. The important thing is to let each coat dry before proceeding. And that's it! You just painted your front door.


Did you know that we do custom painting? We can come and remove your door in the morning, prime it, paint it, reattach hardware and have it back on by sundown. I know painting can sometimes be intimidating for some but for us, it's what we do and what we're good at. If you are in Ocala or the surrounding area, give us a call for a quote.