Call me the Vignette Ninja!

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If you know me….you know I love creating vignettes. I get it from my mama and I have passed it down to my daughter. We are like the Vignette Ninjas! 

What is a Vignette? It’s a small pleasing “picture” formed by grouping several objects together that tells a story about you and your home. 

Here are some of my favorite vignettes that I found on Pinterest. 


This beautiful collection of objects really resonates with me; the flowers in a white vase, the bunny, the green bottles (my favorite color),and just old chippy painted items really brings this collection together.  I believe having some type of flower arrangement or greenery is a necessity for creating the perfect vignette. The creator has made good use of the space and hasn’t left any “holes” providing the proper height for every inch of the area. Her colors meld along with her style. 


Seashell display, vignette

 I forgot to mention that in the interior design world, you should always use odd numbers when placing objects on furniture. In other words, group things in 1, 3 or 5. In the collection above, she anchors the items in the center with a matching pair of glass lamps. Then in the center, she stacks 2 mirrors to give the collection some dimension, and then surrounds it with similar styled items. 


This next one is an example of a poorly curated vignette. There’s simply no imagination here. They took 4 similar candle holders…the ones on the left…there’s only 2. That’s a no no. Remember, 1, 3, or 5. The large basket on the wall; even though I love these Tabacco baskets, it needs something else to give it dimension like maybe a mirror or wreath inside it OR it needs to be hung by itself. Once again…just my opinion. Even though they grouped 3 objects on the right…the collection just doesn’t make sense to me. 

Basically…a vignette should speak to you. Create them all over your home or workplace and it will set the right mood. It’s easy and I know I mention above all the “Rules” to create the perfect Vignette but just do what makes you happy. Need help creating one? Bring in your pictures of your space and we can help.

Thanks for being Flamazing!